434 S. San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Project Summary: 67,000 Square Foot Renovation of a 6 story 72 Unit/Commercial Mixed Use Building


Project Description:

Build Electrical systems for a 6 story commercial/residential multiple meter power system including site work. Complete Fire Alarm System, CCTV Camera System, After Hour Alarm System, Buzzer System, Voice/Data/CATV and Telephone and Voicemail System for residential units and first floor commercial space.

Award winning CRA/LA prevailing wage project

Owner: Downtown Women’s Center Housing, LLC
325 S. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Architect:  Pica & Sullivan Architects, LTD
625 S. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Electrical Engineer: George G. Boghessian & Associates, Inc.
1111 N. Brand Blvd Suite 202
Glendale, CA 91202

Customer: W.E. O’Neil Construction Co of California
909 N. Sepulveda Blvd Suite 400
El Segundo, CA 902245